1. How long does the colour last?

Optimally, 3-5 days

2. How does it come off?

You can wash it off with any shampoo

3. Will it stain my clothes or pillow cases?

It shouldn’t if you let your hair dry completely

4. How many applications can you get from a tub?

You get 2 applications from the 25g tub and +/- 5 on the 120g tub

5. How long does it last once the tub is open?

24 months

6. Is it better to apply it on wet or dry hair?

Whichever way you prefer, it works optimally on damp hair

7. How do I apply it?

It has a hair buttery/wax texture so you simply scoop a small amount and rub it in your hands/fingers and then apply on hair

8. Can I mix the colours?


9. Does it work well with other styling products?

You will have to try combinations as you see fit

10. What type of hair does it work on?

Coily, curly, straight, locks, braids and other synthetics

11. Does it work well with heat?


12. Will the pigment be the same as what I see in the tub?

It is highly pigmented but the outcome depends on the colour of your hair

13. Is it safe to use it on my child’s hair?

Yes, it contains natural ingredients

14. Can I use it if I am allergic to semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes?

You will have to test it on a small section, if you get a bad reaction then immediately wash it off with shampoo

15. Can I use the wax on bleached hair?

Yes, however do note that bleached hair or may experience staining with some of our bold hair colour wax

16. Can I use the wax on hair that has been previously dyed with permanent hair colour or henna?

If hair is dyed with dark shades or henna, there is a chance that some of our lighter shades will not show on you hair, and the bolder colours will not show as vibrantly as they would as on untreated hair

17. Can I use heat with the hair colour?

We would not advise the use of heat with our wax. It is best to let it air dry

18. How long is the shipping?

3-5 working days in urban areas, peri-urban are required to collect the chosen courier company

19. Can I return unused items?


20. What are the ingredients? 

Water, beeswax, copernicia cerifera wax, cetearyl alcohol, glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, tea extract (camellia sinensis), stearic acid, pvc/VA propylene acrylate copolymer, peg-60 castor oil, titanium dioxide